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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fuck a Duck

1/320 f2.8 ISO 1600

I used to know a guy who'd say things like "fuck a duck!" when he was really pissed. He's also say things like "we're totally rat fucked" when we were in trouble. "Goat fucked" is when one is being taken advantage of, and "goat fucked up the ass" is when one is really getting taken advantage of. It seemed that animals were fucking him, or getting fucked, in some way or another all the time. I thought about this when this duck...I'm sorry, swan, was kind enough to pose for a portrait. I found the fact that he had a human body and a duck -I mean swan- head to be interesting enough for a portrait. I didn't want to fuck him though. Granted I wasn't really pissed or mad, so maybe if that were the case? I find that hard to believe however, bestiality has never been something I could relate to. The whole chicks fucking donkeys in Mexico never seemed all that interesting to me. One time, while extremely bored, I looked this up on the wonderful World Wide Web and found a video. It taught me a valuable life lesson, and that lesson is this: some things are better left unseen. For reals, take my word for it and don't look up donkey fucking or anything like that. It's gross and not worth it. 

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