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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My pal talks bikes

f666 1/666 ISO666

So this fucking guy comes and visits today and has the gall to tell me my bike should be carbon and steel is passé. Steel is so fucking cool these days. Fuck you, my bike is the shit and I'll leave any of you plastic bike riding bastards in my wake. 

So we go for a fucking bike ride and he's all trying to play it cool like he's not tired but I keep ramping up the speed on my Rock Lobster and he's all getting huffy puffy behind me. Then he's like "oh I'm kinda tired from this super intense ride I did the other day." Whatever! Fool was hella tired. I fucking whooped up on his ass.

Word to your mutha, I'm out.  

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The Devil said...

What the fuck is wrong with this post?! Why you got all that shit highlighted? Oh I know, cause you just a sucka ass sucka.