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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is This Cliché?

f2.8 1/40 ISO800

What isn't cliche? Your face. No but really, has everything been done? Am I going to go into a "has everything been done" rant? No, fuck that. This picture is rad cause it makes me wonder what do kids want to take pictures of? It's not fucking me, I can tell you that. I jumped in the way of this photo opp for my own personal selfish photo opp. She was cool with it. I looked at the pictures she took after she realized photography was for the birds...and my stupid ass, and they were awesome. It really made me feel inferior and completely unaccomplished in any way what so fucking ever. Here was a true artist unbound by what she thought people would think of her work. She just captured what she thought was cool. Envy. Fuck you.  

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