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Saturday, May 26, 2012

the grid

f4, 1/1250, ISO100

This poor bugger died as a result of a webbed pool fence that surrounds a blocky shaped pool behind my house. It makes me think about this not only in terms of a direct image of life and death but that we live possibly below a grid. What's above the fucking grid you ask? Good fucking question! I don't know. Another world? Eternal sunlight and warmth? I don't fucking know, but it is a sobering thought to think that we may all be pawns in some alien cheap thrill game. Like one group was like: Hey bitches, I bet you guys I can turn this super relaxed peaceful group of monkeys into brainless fleshy robots that you can have do whatever you want and not only that but we'll do it so that they technically do it all under their own free will. HUUUUhuuwwooo that's a crazy thing to believe anyone could do. 

f4.5 1/60 ISO800

This is what I'm talking about. We've "evolved" to the point that we sit and stare at the little boxes, whether they be computers or TVs, we sit and stare, and these little boxes tell us what is cool, what's funny, what's bad, etc. Do we even have free thought anymore? Is it all just layer upon layer of mind manipulation. What is a pure thought? What is a pure opinion? I can't find one within myself. Does this mean we all have to live like Quakers or The Amish in order to truly free ourselves from this. Even then how do you coexist with the rest of society if everyone else is wrapped up in what The Man tells us. Who exactly is the man? Fuck if I know. I'm still trying to figure that out myself. Ironically, I sit her contemplating all this bullshit while staring at my own brain control box. Go figure.

f2 1/4000 ISO1600

I'm not going to lie. The settings on my camera for this photo are a bit embarrassing, but since I made the decision early on that I'd: a) put my camera settings under my photos, and b) not lie. Then, I couldn't: a) not put the settings under my photo, or b) lie. Regardless, I like how it came out. I liked how it came out so much, that I decided to post it up anyway even though it'd expose myself as the no talent ass clown hack that I am.  

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